The MatTech Instrument

The driving force behind MatTech's innovative inspection process is the patented, tested, and industry-approved inspection instrument.

The instrument was engineered by MatTech's CEO, Charles Conigliaro.  Mr. Conigliaro had participated in all aspects of the mattress industry (manufacturing, distributing, and service) for over 25 years and leveraged that knowledge to create the most advanced and accurate inspection device available.

All MatTech technicians complete an extensive training program and are tested vigorously on their knowledge and technique prior to being deployed on the field.  Only licensed MatTech technicians are permitted to own or use the patented MatTech inspection Instrument.

The device is built to accurately measure every type of mattress problem, from body impressions to sloping to bent border wires.

Prior to the invention of the MatTech device, there was no standard or accurate way to measure common problems such as bent border wires.  Unlike other inspection tools and techniques, the MatTech device has various attachments that can be used to produce real measurements for these concerns.

The device is a total hands-free design. The technician does not touch or press on the device after it is set up.  This means that the measurements will be totally accurate, regardless of which MatTech technician conducts the inspection.

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